About Us

Brillion Public Schools was established February 4, 1892, by voter-approved resolution to establish and maintain a free high school district to serve the educational needs of K-12 students. The District has served the City of Brillion and surrounding rural communities in Calumet, Manitowoc and Brown Counties for nearly 125 years. Currently, the district enrollment is 962 students in grades 4k through grade 12, plus early childhood services.

Throughout this extensive timespan, Brillion Public Schools are proud of our established, solid reputation for accomplishing its educational objectives.

The mission of Brillion Public Schools is to continually focus on:
 Effective student learning by engaging students in their learning;
Providing a focus on educating all students;
Holding high expectations to ensure students build confidence by improving their skills;
Providing all students with a well-rounded and complete education;
Maintaining the highest standards and expectations in both the hiring and evaluation of all BPS employees; and Operating every day with the goal of being the best school possible.

Welcome to Brillion Public Schools

Brillion Public Schools

Elementary School
Phone: 1-920-756-3624
Fax: 1-920-756-3705
Middle School
Phone: 1-920-756-2166
Fax: 1-920-756-3705
High School
Phone: 1-920-756-9238
Fax: 1-920-756-9427

Upcoming Events



Students will be released at 1:30 pm on Wednesdays for the 2021-2022 school year.

Elementary Winter Concerts

@ EPAC Center, 6:00 PM
December 6, 2021--5K and 1st Grade
December 7, 2021--2nd and 3rd Grade
December 9, 2021--4th and 5th Grade
*there will not be an afternoon program this year*

Middle School Holiday Concert

December 13, 2021
@ EPAC Center
6:30 PM Choir

7:30 PM Band

Bus Route Information

Brillion school district has changed bus companies and now uses Kobussen Buses.  Questions can be directed to Paula Freimuth at (920)875-7800 ext. 1 (office)
or (920)860-6682 (cell phone). 
[email protected]