June 4, 2021   

As you go about your day...don’t forget the 3 W’s - wash your hands, wear your mask properly, watch your distance so we can continue to keep BMS a safe place for everyone to learn.

If you signed up for The Strength & Agility class for this summer, there are rosters hung up by the Library bulletin board. Please be sure to check the rosters to see what time you will have this class. 

Happy last day of school everyone!  We made it through this school year.  Let’s hope  this is the last pandemic that we get to experience.   I hope you all have a great summer vacation!  This morning, we are going to Peter’s Park from 10:15 - 11:15am.  Since there is work being done in the back parking lot, follow your teacher’s directions on the route we will be using to get there.  Also, let’s make this a fun, positive experience for everyone.  Respectful, school  behavior is expected  of everyone.


Happy Birthday: 

Happy birthday to all of you who have summer birthdays!

Remember to Be Respectful...Be Responsible...Be Accepting…Be Your Best!